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Shipping commercial cargo is a delicate, complex process that requires the right kind of experience and knowledge. Perhaps even more than other types of shipping, commercial cargo demands for superior accuracy, attention to detail, and efficiency.

Your cargo will need to met specific deadlines as well as arrive safely at its destination without any interruptions. Stores, vendors, factories, and individuals depend on that particular freight to run their operations and deliver their products or services to their customers. For all these reasons, you should only trust a professional, experienced company to reliably ship your commercial cargo worldwide – a company like HTX International. 

How does shipping a motorcycle work?

With HTX International, we deliver your motorcycle to port via enclosed transporter or open carrier truck. Upon arrival, we prepare for international shipping based on options that suit your schedule and budget. Our agents are available to assist you through the entire process, including customs documents––from door to destination, and everywhere in between.

We collect motorcycles from private sellers and owners, even directly from dealerships, anywhere in the US, transporting them to a secure loading warehouse from within our domestic network. Once there, we determine options for domestic or international transportation with secure containerized shipping or easy Roll-On Roll-Off services.

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HTX International is a globally recognized leader in moving solutions, offering premier relocation services for cars, watercraft, motorcycles, household goods, and general cargo. We provide secure shipping options from all major ports in the US. Simply drop off your deliverable at one of our many convenient US locations or arrange for a dedicated pick-up from one of our truck drivers. Whatever your job, and whatever your budget, we’ve got the answer.

For domestic and international vehicle shipping services, request and receive a no-obligation quote online in one business day––GUARANTEED! Our dedicated and knowledgeable team members are always available to answer any additional questions or concerns. Call toll-free at 1-888-886-6683. Trust the experts at HTX International for reliable, expedited relocation services. 

Looking to ship your motorcycle internationally?

We’ve assembled a series of helpful, region-specific guides to better answer your questions about vehicle 

transport within specific countries. Simply click the links below to learn more.

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"Everything was perfect! The unpackers said it was the best they had seen in a long time from ANY load out of the U.S. (and they work with HEAPS of different companies).

Just thought I would email to say how much we appreciate your hard work and professionalism!”
A to Z Imports
I’ve used HTX before and it was a great service, couldn’t fault you at all. You were recommended to me a couple of years ago and were honestly brilliant!
Luke Billman
Business Owner
Hi Howard, I picked up the 1930 Ford Coupe from the Brisbane Cargo Depot today and it is in immaculate, unmarked condition. Thank you for your help in picking it up from Santa Maria and for your excellent packing for the long journey to Australia. Best wishes.
Dr. John Conway
Medical Doctor