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Boat Transport by HTX International

Helping You Ship Your Boat, Yacht, Sailboat, Jet Ski, and More, Efficiently and Affordably.

We Get Your Boat Around the World

Do you have a boat that you need to ship from the United States or Canada into the rest of the globe?

Look no further than HTX International.
Alongside our exceptional expertise in automobile shipping, our company also specializes in shipping many different types of watercrafts globally.

Let us show you how shipping your boat can be a real cinch, by talking with one of our boat shipping experts today.

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We’re the one-stop solution to your shipping and logistics needs in the United States
and around the world, specializing in luxory and vintage automobiles.

A Comprehensive Range of Services

At HTX International, we are proud and excited to be offering our customers an unmatched and varied range of boat shipping services. Different boats have different needs, and our loading crews are experts in all types of watercrafts loading and shipping.

Want to find out exactly what we can do for you? Here is a full list of our services:

Lift On/Lift Off

if your boat is too big for a container and if it’s on a cradle, we can ship it using this method

Roll On/Roll Off

can use this shipping method
if your boat has a trailer

Boat Inspections

our team of experts will carefully examine the interior and exterior of your boat, both at the beginning and at the end of each project

Boat Transportation

if the size of your boat allows it, our team of specialists will load it on a cargo and transport it to its agreed destination.

Overseas Boat Shipping

we can get your boat shipped to a different continent – you tell us where, and we’ll get it there as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible.

Open Top Flat Racks

will use this boat shipping method for larger yachts.

Marine Insurance

our shipping services are fully insured, which gives you greater peace of mind in the very unlikely event of loss or damage of your boat or any boat parts.

Door-to-Door or Port-to-Port, We Do It All

At CRF Rinkens, we operate our boat shipping using the same approach that we use for our car shipping. This means that we can pick up your boat from anywhere in the country, and bring it to the nearest port. Whether door-to-door or port-to-port, we will be happy to customize your boat shipment so that it meets your exact specifications.

Long-Standing Experience, Exceptional Expertise

Our company was established in 1994, and since then it has been delivering outstanding boat shipping services to hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses in the US and Canada.

How Does It Work?

Do you have a boat or other type of watercraft that you need to ship somewhere else in the country or overseas?
Read below to find out more about our process

Step 1: Request Your Free Quote

Begin your journey with us by simply submitting your request for a custom quote. Include all the details that you think will help us to create a bespoke proposal for your job.

Step 2: Schedule Your Boat Shipment

Happy with your quote? Great, now it’s time to get to work. Together, we will schedule your boat shipment date and time, as well as its required destination and arrival date.

Step 3: Stay Up-to-Date with Online Tracking

Keep following your boat shipment as it travels across the oceans with our new, convenient online tracking systems. Get real-time updates on your boat shipment and contact us if you need any help or clarification.

Step 4: Get Notified of Your Shipment’s Arrival

Your boat shipment has arrived at its final destination, safely and efficiently, and within the previously agreed timeframe.

Discover the HTX International Difference

Shipping a boat or another type of watercraft is a job that only trusted, reputable, and experienced professionals should carry out. At HTX International, we are global leaders in shipping and moving solutions – including boat and watercraft shipping. Our company operates offices and agents all across the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region, and we are ready to fulfill all your logistics needs.

Established in 1994, our shipping expertise spans from classic cars to boats, commercial cargo, and household goods. Since our inception, we have been trusted by more than 100,000 clients worldwide, including some of the biggest corporate names in the world, such as luxury electric car makers and mining companies.

At HTX International, we look forward to making your next boat shipping project a real breeze. Contact us today and we’ll get to work

How Much Does Boat Shipping Cost?

The costs associated with your boat shipping job will vary significantly according to a few different factors. These include, for example, the specific type of watercraft that you need to ship, its size, the distance that the boat will need to travel, the urgency of the shipping, and more.

The best way to find out how much you will be spending for your boat shipping project is to get in touch with our team today and request your custom quote. Make sure that you indicate as many details as possible, as this helps our staff to create an accurate, bespoke estimate

With HTX International, Your Next Boat Shipping Will Be Smooth Sailing

If you want your next boat shipping job to be a breeze, contact the expert team at HTX International today.
"Everything was perfect! The unpackers said it was the best they had seen in a long time from ANY load out of the U.S. (and they work with HEAPS of different companies).

Just thought I would email to say how much we appreciate your hard work and professionalism!”
A to Z Imports
I’ve used HTX before and it was a great service, couldn’t fault you at all. You were recommended to me a couple of years ago and were honestly brilliant!
Luke Billman
Business Owner
Hi Howard, I picked up the 1930 Ford Coupe from the Brisbane Cargo Depot today and it is in immaculate, unmarked condition. Thank you for your help in picking it up from Santa Maria and for your excellent packing for the long journey to Australia. Best wishes.
Dr. John Conway
Medical Doctor