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HTX International is dedicated to solving the world’s shipping and freight challenges. Comprised of highly skilled and specially trained global logistics experts, we provide elegant and cutting-edge solutions that set new standards. We strive to continually delight and and surprise our clients through a seamless fusion of quality service and customer care.

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We have a history of delivering superior service by understanding and fulfilling the needs of our clients, making their satisfaction our standard.

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Need something shipped, tomorrow or a year from now? We can work around your schedule.

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We can explore various shipping and freight options to meet your budget and provide exceptional service.

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With decades of combined global logistics experience, HTX International’s team understands exactly what it takes to bring you the results that you expect. You will work with shipping experts and customer care professionals who have a proven track record.

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We’re the one-stop solution to your shipping and logistics needs in the United States and around the world, specializing in luxory and vintage automobiles.