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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Insurance Policies do you offer?

HTX International offers two policies to cover your vehicle, "Full Coverage" and "Total Loss." Our "Total Loss" policy replaces the total value of your vehicle. Our "Full Coverage" policy also replaces the total value of your vehicle while additionally covering excess shipping costs, as well as dents and scratches.

What is the limit of liability for steamship companies?

Maritime Law requires steamship companies to limited liability of a maximum of $500 per vehicle.

How does HTX International work with U.S. customs?

Simply supply the required commercial invoices and sign export instructions, and HTX will issue all export forms and work to get the final approval of your cargo.

Who is responsible for incidental charges assessed by foreign governments?

HTX International is committed to providing you with all the necessary information and charges you may be deal with. Ultimately importation and destination charges are the responsability of the reciever.

Do I have to pay any charges at the destination country?

Yes, you may be subject to import duties and taxes. As each country has different laws, we urge you to contact the embassy of your destination country to clarify the matter. Please speak with one of our shipping agents for more information.

Do you have anyone to help me clear my shipment?

Yes, HTX International has agents available to help clear your shipment in most locations around the world.

How many days in advance do I need to book my shipment?

We recommend making arangements for your shipment around two weeks in advance for cross country shipments, and three to four weeks for overseas shipments. If you have time constraints that require a quicker shipment, please contact one of our shipping agents to discuss your options.

How long does it take to pick up my vehicle for shipment?

Typical pick-up time is within two to three days of the requested pick-up date, however we provide special pick-up arrangements to meet your schedule.

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