Ship your vehicle internationally!

If you want to transport your vehicle overseas then HTX International is one stop solution for you and we have variety of quality services and if you need to figure out all international vehicle shipping services then you can visit our official website.

HTX International provides you shipping services in four ways such as:

  • RORO (Roll on Roll off) Services
  • Exclusive Container or Flat Rack Container Services
  • Commercial Freight
  • Air Freight

RORO (Roll on Roll off) Services:

If you consider that containerized shipping is not your cup of tea then HTX is the solution for your all worries and unnecessary stress. Get rid of and we are here for you. We can provide you Roll on Roll off services and efficiently ship your car, truck or boat transport international along with many commercial/over sized vehicle, RV or agricultural unit via roll on roll off services to just about any destination that you want to across the worldwide.

Exclusive Container or Flat Rack Container Services:

HTX International can ship over sized vehicles, boats, trailers, trucks or RV’s via open side, open top flat rack containers to your desired destination.

Commercial Freight:

HTX utilizes a global network allowing you to make shipments throughout the United States to virtually any international purpose. Whether you need full container loads or less than container loads, and HTX International can handle anything you necessitate. You would get all information in our website i.e. concerning international auto shipper services across the worldwide.

Air Freight:

If you are in a real hasten then we can provide your car or freight via air, also. Due to an eternally escalating stipulate for shorter transportation times globally, we develop premium carriers with establish routings.