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Commercial Freight Services: The Basics

If you are intended on shipping your auto to your new home, or you just bought your car online and looking for a want to transport it to your home address, etc. then you are definitely on the right place. There are several haulers providing quality Commercial Freight Services and also have a good reputaion in the market; however, the good to bad ratio is a bit low in this business. The main reason behind this is extensive growth of novice auto shipping companies who lack in experience as well as in quality. Hence, before jumping to any decision make sure you are emploting a reputed and experienced auto transporter. Only a specialized hauler can handle full container loads with the help of their tested machines and equipments.

There are few points that need to kept in mind while selecting a proficient auto shipiing organization. The foremost thing in the list is its license along with the insurance and bond documents. Make sure the company own all the necessary documents as only then you can claim compensation, in case your vehicle got damaged in the shippig process. Other than that, you can go through the review section, testimonials to get the general idea about the company and its services. Follow all these tips to entertain first-class shipping experience. 

Tips to hire an efficient International car export hauler

Nowdays, one can find numerous car shipping companies campaining thier goodwill on the internet and consequently, a quite extensive inflow of customers booking thier shipping dates can be noticed worldwide. While hiring a international car hauler, the main two factors that have been considered by most of the people are reputaion and shipping automobile rate. Based on these two important points, majority of customers decide thier vehicle transporter. Indeed, these are the prime ones but there are other significant factors too which are equally vital parameters that can’t be neglected.

It is right that the company should be experienced and capable to handle the project, however without proper insurance and license, all expertise and know-how will end up in vain. Similarly, it is not necessary that you have to choose the company which charges you the least as shipping rates depend on various factors like distance where your car has to be shipped, additional custom charges which varies from country to country, exta services like door-to-door relocation services etc. In addition to that,International car export companies which are insured and bonded have to pay extra taxes to the higher authoriteis and hence will charge you somewhat more than thier competitor shippers. Take your decision wisely to experience hassle-free vehicle moving. 

How to Ensure Safe Boat Export

There are many boat experts in the market of boat exporters. But it doesn’t hurt to have a basic knowledge of protecting your boat while shipping. First and foremost measure your boat. Measurements need to be taken lengthwise, height wise and width wise. It’s important to accurately measure your boat so you know which container and which shipping company will support your boat’s size. Most countries have specific size requirements if you are considering international auto export. Over sized vehicles according to their specifications need special permits to be allowed shipping inside.

Second step is to get in touch with the local shipping companies, get their quotes and check their reputation. Once you have made the required checks select your shipping company which provides you reliability, support and affordability with many years of experience in this field. Thirdly prepare your boat for shipping- remove all removable parts, valuable and make sure you wrap the boat to protect from sun damage and scratches.

Lastly, get the relevant documents ready which can be custom requirements when shipping internationally and other documents regarding the specifics of the vehicle, ownership etc. to allow safe, convenient, and hassle free pick up. Also make sure you have the right insurance in place.


How do you choose the commercial freight services in whose hands you will give your vehicle to be shipped? There are many international car export  companies in the market now. But what if you don’t want to choose containerized shipping for your transportation needs? Roll on roll off service better known as RO-RO service is the alternative for you. Generally the experienced ones like HTX International will provide both modes of transportation. The type of transportation to be chosen is a matter of personal priorities. They each have their pros and cons. But, if you don’t fancy your car being picked up by cranes and stuffed into containers like boxes of sardines then container shipping isn’t for you.

Roll on or roll off service or popularly known as RORO Service is a type of shipping method where the ramps are built into the containers for on loading i.e. roll on and off loading i.e. roll off. They have built in lifts for various categories of weights to be picked up. This service generally uses specialized ships/ trucks which are built entirely for vehicle transport and equipped with the right technology to handle vehicles as a specialized cargo. This is a service for highly standardized vehicles, boat export, RVs, SUVs, or motorcycles. If your vehicle is unusual, modified or required in mint condition then it makes sense to hire specialized containers that combine the features of RORO service and contained shipping.


Commercial freight services and boat exporters are to be checked for their reliability because transporting a boat or containers containing hazardous materials is different from moving a car. There are different equipments, skills, experience, licensing, insurance, and bonds required giving a moving company the permission to move a boat and containers. The first major checkpoint is of FMC or the license of Federal Maritime Commission. This is the only agency with the power to give license for maritime transportation companies.

Users need to make sure that they are not dealing with rogue movers i.e. the companies who promise good services at lower rates and thus end up defrauding the customer. The good movers will not follow business practices of deceptive lower rates, refuse written quotes and urge individuals to do business with them on purely oral basis. Large unsolicited cash deposits and refusal to give valid receipts and onsite inspections are other pointers to a rogue mover. FMC licensed movers are reputed, reliable players who have been in the market of international auto export for a long time.

Choose your freight services wisely

If you are shifting home, or you want to transport cargo over a long distance, the odds are you will have to take into service of a freight corporation to shift your luggage or belongings for you. When you are selecting what way is best to shift your freight, there are numerous shipping alternatives to consider. Road transportation, sea and air freight transportation are some of the common ways by which one can transport their cargo.

On probing the web, you will find a number of freight services well-known for their quality work and hence preferring them will only make your task simple. Hence, if you are a just the once time shipper, a small trade or someone who deals with these firms, this freight service will be able to assist you. So you need to log onto their web portals and request for freight-rate quotes to get a better understanding of the type of their price array and their services.

Commercial freight services: an efficient shipping solution

There are times when people need the services of experienced and professional organizations to get their goods and vehicles transported from one place to the destined location. The reason may be house shifting, business visit or establishment, recreational tour service etc. The services can be International car export, boat export, motorcycle export, household, air freight, flat rack container service and roll-on roll-off service.

There are many freight services that can do this job for you but the area where most of them lack is service quality, reasonable shipping rates and better understanding your needs. Therefore, choose a firm which can offer one-stop solution to your transportation by understanding and satisfying the requirements. Look for the one who can meet the challenges of international shipping like in commercial freight services or boat shipping, by adopting an efficient customer oriented solution in its shipping services. Make a proper decision while choosing a reliable transporter to enjoy nice shipping experience.


An easier way of international auto export

Shipping a motorcycle, car or household stuff from one place to another is a tedious task in itself and you might be well aware of the complexities in international auto export processes. Many auto transport companies are there which can make your job much easier but what if you are shifting to a new country overseas and have to move all your household stuff and car along with the boat. That means you need to hire a shipping firm which is capable of all these items safely and efficiently.

Always look for the company which is being into the business of worldwide shipping for quite a long time and among the leading boat exporters which basically deal in delivering better-quality shipping service up to the expectations of its customers. Transporting marine items such as boats, engines and jet-skis is the area of expertise where these pros make all the difference.